Wednesday, 22 March 2017

The Finest Antique Venetian Beads On Earth

Ok, maybe a slight click bait title but in this case I truly believe what I have written! Last month I had some amazing pieces hit the website but these beads were my favourite piece by a mile and definitely deserve a post of their own.

The string of beads are quite deceptive to look at. From a distance they look like a wrapped silk, even up close you could be mistaken for thinking these are strange silk wrapped beads. The beads had unusual pulled edges from being hand blown, a sign of just how early they were.

The most unusual thing about the beads was their weight. I have always loved the weight a glass bead necklace can hold. These couldn't be more opposite. Each bead was light as a feather with a fragility that makes you question just how they have survived this long.

The beads came on a beautiful silk threading that reminded me of an antique Wedding garment I had once seen at the V&A. Unfortunately I wasn't able to find it again during research but I still believe these could have been worn for such an occasion. A collector has fondly described them as pillow beads which I also think is a lovely description for them.

Sometimes when I find beautiful items it makes me excited to find similar in the future. These beads are so special I really think that this is the only string I will ever personally handle so they will have to live on via memory through this blog!

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Antique French Victorian Paste Necklace

Last month I was lucky enough to find a special necklace that opened up a whole new world of research to undertake. The necklace came to me with very little information and under the guise of a 1950s costume piece. Sometimes when handling a piece it can almost tell you more than just visually studying it and this was a great example of this.

This necklace had a cold and unusual weight to it and the paste settings of the stones differed slightly than most 50s paste necklace I’ve handled previously. Despite being unmarked I was almost certain the necklace was solid silver.

After a lot of research I was able to find two very similar pieces that were both listed as solid silver and stated the origins of both pieces to be French. I have always had a fondness for antique paste items and one of French origins was a bit like wining the jackpot.

The necklace is now in a wonderful collection on the other side of the pond but I had to share it on the blog so it can be appreciated by others!

I had great fun researching French Victorian pieces. I have updated my Pinterest board with all of my research finds which can be found by visiting my Pinterest board here.

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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Beautiful Beads - Venetian Fancy Trade Glass Beads

A new addition to my little 'favourite beads folder'. These Edwardian Venetian beads are made to look like malachite, studded with beautiful aventurine framed roses. Packed with details each bead is a little work of art in itself.

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